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The Paris multilateral agreement set a new course. A 1.5-degree temperature target and the long-term goal of net zero emissions as soon as possible after 2050 will carry the world beyond the age of fossil fuel. This new course sent a strong signal to businesses and EU policy-makers and places clean energy on an irreversible pathway. 

How would the Paris Agreement turn into reality on the road to COP22 ?

What role should the European Union play to turn it into reality ? – Energy is yours will gather information and critical viewpoints from researchers and experts to assist in the discussion of strategic options and enrich the European energy and domestic climate-energy debates. 

Its main objective is to highlight analysis, examples and solutions that have already taken us in the direction of the energy transition and to address obstacles and sticking points that need to be tackled to get Europe and Members States on track for a new energy model, beyond COP21.

The Green European Foundation (GEF) is a European-level political foundation, Founded by the European Parliament, whose mission is to contribute to a lively European sphere of debate and to foster greater involvement by citizens in European politics. GEF strives to mainstream discussions on European policies and politics both within and beyond the Green political family. The foundation acts as a laboratory for new ideas, offers cross-border political education and a platform for cooperation and exchange at the European level.

The Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique (FEP) goal is to contribute to the development of conceptual and practical aspects of a new ecological model of society and to uphold and spread the values of political ecology. Fostering pluralist and independent thinking, FEP wish to reconcile knowledge and political action, research and democracy debate and to generate new synergies.

In 2016, under the european network of the Green European Foundation, FEP coordinate the project BEYONDCOP21.ORG

Les contributeurs

Cette plateforme a été crée par la Green European Foundation – GEF / La Fondation Verte Européenne, et ses partenaires. Ensemble ils travaillent pour rapprocher les citoyens des enjeux énergétiques et encourager un débat sur le futur de l’énergie à l’échelle européenne.

Ecopolis Foundation was founded by the political party LMP in 2010. It has the calling to promote the existence of a social and economic structure based on civil participation, activity and on the principles of sustainability and justice. Our aim is to raise public awareness on eco-politics.

A research center focused on prospective about political ecology, Etopia produces analysis and organise debates about the main issues of political ecology (transition, energy and climat, multiculturalism and social cohesion, democracy and empowerment). Based in French-speaking Belgium, Etopia is also an archive and document center for the environmental mouvement in French-speaking Belgium and a training center on political ecology.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a catalyst for green visions and projects, a think tank for policy reform, and an international network. The primary objectives guiding our work are establishing democracy and human rights, fighting against environmental degradation, safeguarding everyone’s rights of social participation, supporting non-violent conflict resolution and defending the rights of individuals. We work with over 100 project partners in over 60 countries and currently maintain offices in 30 countries. The EU office in Brussels serves as liaison point to the European institutions and the region.

Fundacja Strefa Zieleni (Green Zone Foundation) is a political organization supporting actions in line with the ideals and the program of Green movements, in Poland and on international level. FSZ promotes sustainable development and transition into low-carbon economy.

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Coordination du projet pour la GEF
Ioana Banach

Édition et coordination de la plateforme BeyondCop21 pour la FEP :
Coordination : Silvia Marcon, Directrice 

Ressources archivistiques : Amandine Payement, Archiviste   

Contenus : Benoit Monange 

Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique

31-33 rue de la Colonie
75013 Paris, France

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