The Paris agreement is feeding the debate and the controversies on energy questions, which are societal choices as well. We follow for you what others are saying on the issue whether they are journalists, filmmakers, authors, researchers, think tanks, NGOs, foundations, in short, actors of the civil society. We publish links to their work and activities here on this page to enrich your thinking. If you know of content worth sharing here, do not hesitate to inform us.

  1. LymoTweetUpLymoTweetUp said: RT @NewForestSussed: @GlblCtzn good to meet you today @Walhamptonprep & to learn about @Walhamptonprep Cambodia link #BeyondCOP21 Symposium…This happened 5 days ago
  2. NewForestSussedNewForestSussed said: @GlblCtzn good to meet you today @Walhamptonprep & to learn about @Walhamptonprep Cambodia link #BeyondCOP21 Sympos… happened 5 days ago
  1. EsdrasTakamEsdrasTakam said: RT @IFPENinnovation: Great time with great people at our conference "Commodities and Energy Market Organization in the #energytransition Co…This happened about an hour ago
  2. StAndreassonStAndreasson said: #Shell is no longer and #oilandgas group but an “#energytransition company”…? happened about an hour ago

L’énergie est à nous, faites le savoir ! #BeyondCOP21

Faites le savoir

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